Dec 19, 2016

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What Is Flash NAND Memory?

What Is Flash NAND Memory?


There are many storage devices in the market. We use them to store data.These devices vary in efficiency and storage capabilities. The come with different features which determine their functionality. They feature different technology. One of the most popular storage technology being used today is Flash NAND memory. But before we proceed, let’s first understand the meaning of flash NAND memory.

Flash NAND Memory is a type of non-volatile storage technology with the ability to retain data without using power. This makes it stand out from other storage technologies.

The development of Flash NAND memory comes with a number of benefits. It has reduced the cost per bit of data.In addition, it has increased chip capacity. Chips can now store sufficient data. They can now compete with magnetic storage devices such as hard disks which are known to store huge amount of data.

This impressive technology is currently being used in many devices. It works best in devices where large files are being uploaded on frequent basis. Some of the devices which rely on Flash NAND memory technology include USB drives, MP3 player and digital camera.

It is important to note that NAND has a particular number of write cycles. Its cells fail gradually as you continue using it. Eventually, the overall performance of the flash memory declines. Wear out is the term that is commonly used to describe this process. The problem can be dealt with by over-provisioning the system. This is where vendors include more memory than the recommended one. When cells wear out, still there will be more to offer the desired performance over a long period of time.

The most impressive thing about this exciting technology is that when NAND card wears out, the device continues to function. The only thing that the user will be required to do is to buy a new card. Manufactures have reduced the cost of this wonderful technology to a considerable level. This explains why prices of electronic devices that use Flash NAND memory technology has been reducing in the recent past.

Manufactures are now making chips that are much smaller than the previous ones. They have also increased the write-read cycles. On top of that, demand for voltage has also been reduced substantially.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you now understand the meaning of Flash NAND memory. This technology will help users of devices such as camera and USB drives to store large quantity of data. People should therefore embrace it.


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Dec 13, 2016

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7 Tips on How to Customize Your Computer

7 Tips on How to Customize Your Computer



Do you want to know how to customize your computer? Most of us spend a lot of hours on our computers. That’s during our office or business hours. That means you should consider customizing your computer. It enables you to be productive as a result of the appealing desktop.

However, you should keep in mind that it can lead to problems with your system, for example, when changing system files. That means you should make sure you backup your data when setting out to customize your computer. This guide gives you 7 tips on how to customize your computer. They are:

Overhaul the Computer Skin

  • One way to customize your screen is by overhauling its skin. That’s by using the many system-wide skins available.
  • They include transparent looks or those that change your system to look similar to others. However, you should keep in mind that as you overhaul your computers skin, you also backup its contents.

Desktop Effects

  • Use apps that create appealing desktop effects. That’s because they give the option to install animations on your screen that can also be built-in.

Change or Add Your Favorite Features

  • Another tip on how to customize your computer is by changing or adding your favorite features. They include your computer settings, built-in menus and fonts.
  • Remember we all have our different visual preferences.

Web Sites

  • Another tip on customizing your computer is to save websites that you regularly visit. That’s because you spend a lot of time checking them out.

Change Your Icons

  • You may have ugly icons on some apps. That means you should consider customizing them into images that you can enjoy viewing.
  • Keep in mind that changing these apps is relatively easy, for example, for an individual app.

New Wall Papers

  • Another tip when setting out to customize your window is by changing default wallpapers into those that you enjoy seeing.
  • Consider choosing those that give you inspiration or motivation.

Custom Dock

  • You should also consider installing a custom dock. They can either be functional or aesthetic docks.

How to Go About It

  • You should ensure you customize your computer in ways that you will enjoy using it. That means you should first all find out your tastes. If you prefer nature walks, you should consider having wallpapers that have nature trail features, for example, trees.
  • Backup your computer data before customizing. That’s because you may end up losing data when carrying out this task. One tip is by downloading apps in the market that enables you to backup data.
  • Consider downloading app with appealing icons. That lets you enjoy using them without having to change their icons regularly.
  • Ensure you purchase quality and attractive computer monitors. That’s because ugly ones won’t let enjoy using them. Choose those that guarantee appealing and brightly lit features.
  • Check your computer manufacturer’s return policies. That’s because you may need replacements in the event it gets damaged as you attempt to customize.


The above guide on how to customize your computer should make you consider customizing yours. Ensure you backup your data and download apps with appealing icons.



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Nov 30, 2016

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Computer Forensics at Court

download-1There are more and more court cases these days that require the expertise of a computer forensics expert. Get ready for therevelation of not simply records, but rather of unique media. In the event that you are speaking to the gathering looking for the revelation of electronic media, create a disclosure plan that objectives the media, for instance, a PC hard drive. Encompassing information may uncover important proof. In the event that you are speaking to the gathering who is the objective of such revelation, remember that most judges by and large will be hesitant to arrange a legal examination of electronic media unless there is some settled proof of avoidance or wrongdoing.

The Role of Computer Forensics at Court

Work intimately with your computer forensics expert to minimize your adversary’s capacity to require such charges.When a perpetrator notices that a PC may contain conceivably discoverable proof, they would safeguard the first hard drive and not permit anybody to utilize or get to the hard drive. In the event that the PC is in the ownership of the restricting party, the perpetrator can request protection at the earliest opportunity. This is on the grounds that every time the PC is turned on, the insignificant operation of the PC can overwrite potential confirmation.

download-2The dis allowance on utilization can be stretched out to data administration experts utilized by your customer. In case your opponent in the court has pulled this move, you need a computer forensics expert on your side. As in any field, the scope of ability and mastery fluctuates incredibly among the individuals who work in PC crime scene investigation. Most PC measurable specialists, for example, know how to recover erased reports and messages. Some, be that as it may, don’t have the information or instruments to accomplish more. Precisely meet the master and check references to figure out if the master has the right stuff and the devices to lead the kind of criminological investigation you require.


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Nov 30, 2016

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Do You Need the Help of Computer Forensics?


A court is a place where you have to do everything you can to make sure you win the case, and if the case rides on data you need to mine from a computer device, you need a computer forensicsexpert. Painstakingly create the terms of the request permitting a measurable examination. On the off chance that a criminological examination is permitted, you will require a stipulation or court arrangement setting out the procedure for leading such examination.

Computer Forensics Help

Despite whether you speak to the gathering who is looking to do the measurable examination or the gathering who is the objective of such examination, propose terms that will give you, not your adversary, greatest control over the procedure. See how every arrangement in the stipulation or request will assist or weaken your capacity to coordinate a criminological audit by counseling with your master. Perceive the points of confinement of PC crime scene investigation. PC crime scene investigation specialists declare that they can discover data on a PC stockpiling gadget regardless of the possibility that the data has been erased and overwritten up to seven times with other information.

images-8This may sound great, however, know that with a specific end goal to discover it, you need to realize what you are searching for. With a specific end goal to realize that it has been overwritten, you need to know where the data is covered, and the cosmically costly apparatuses that you should burrow through the seven layers of information are most likely not accessible to you. There is no assurance that by essentially procuring a PC criminology master, you will uncover that smoking firearm. Nonetheless, utilized fittingly as a part of the right case, PC crime scene investigation can be a savvy revelation instrument.


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Nov 30, 2016

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The Situation with Computer Forensics

images-11The developing field of computer forensicshas faced several issues over the years. The field of PC crime scene investigation is moderately youthful. In the beginning, courts considered proof from PCs to be the same as some other sort of confirmation. As PCs turned out to be better in class and advanced, sentiment moved. The courts discovered that PC confirmation was anything but difficult to degenerate, pulverize or change. Agents understood that there was a need to create particular devices and procedures to hunt PCs down to get confirmation without influencing the data itself.

Understanding the Situation with Computer Forensics

Criminologists banded together with PC researchers to examine the proper methodology and devices they’d have to use to recover proof from a PC. Bit by bit, they built up the systems that now make up the field of PC legal sciences. For the most part, criminologists need to secure a warrant to hunt down a PC for proof. The warrant must incorporate where criminologists can seek and what kind of proof they can search for. At the end of the day, an investigator can’t simply serve a warrant and look wherever he or she loves for anything suspicious.

images-9Furthermore, the warrant’s terms can’t be excessively broad. Most judges oblige investigators to be as particular as could be allowed while asking for a warrant. Thus, it’s essential for analysts to inquire about the suspect however much as could be expected before asking for a warrant. In case the matter of warrant is not considered carefully, chances are the criminologist can’t lawfully seek the PC since it was excluded in the first warrant, and the perpetrator would have the chance to destroy or change the data. The field of computer forensics is a sensitive one and needs to be handled carefully. If used properly, though, it can be really useful.

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